On 21 July 1967, Chief Albert Luthuli met with his untimely death  under questionable circumstances. Today, 54 years later we remember this Nobel Peace Laureate (1961) and President General of the ANC (1952 – 1967).



Chief Albert Luthuli became the first African to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent stance in the fight for liberation. He traveled to Oslo, Norway in December 1961 – an epic and ground-breaking event to receive his prize for the year 1960.



Chief Albert Luthuli Soccer & Netball Tournament

 The Luthuli Museum in partnership with the iLembe District Municipality, KwaDukuza Municipality and the Department of Sport, Arts & Culture – iLembe District, will once again be hosting the Chief Albert Luthuli Soccer & Netball Tournament. We invite everyone to come and support the under 15 & under 17 as they enjoy friendly games against one another.



The Luthuli Museum supports on-site and travelling exhibitions that honour, explore and inform about the legacy of Chief Albert Luthuli and the Liberation Movement. Our current and upcoming exhibitions include the following:


Logo - Luthuli Legacy Walk (Gold)

The Luthuli Legacy Walk & Fun Run is an annual commemorative event organised by the Luthuli Museum. The event is aimed at commemorating the passing of Chief Albert Luthuli on 21 July 1967. It takes place during the month of July to coincide with the date of his death.