1898 – 1967

Today marks 56 years since Chief Albert Luthuli died on 21 July 1967 under questionable circumstances. Chief Albert Mvumbi Luthuli became Africa’s first Nobel Peace Laureate in 1961 for his stand for peace and the resolution of conflict by non-violent means. He led the African National Congress (ANC) as President General from 1952 until his death on 21 July 1967. During his lifetime he fought for justice; peace and a non-racial South Africa that embraced all who believed in a better life for all.

Let us mark this day with a moment of silence; prayer and an act of kindness where we are as we reflect on the challenges facing our country and the world

Let us remember today Chief Albert Luthuli and all those who fought and died for a free South Africa we have today.

Let the Spirit of Luthuli speak to all!