(Current traveling exhibition)

iSupport Creative Business is launching its first exhibition of new work that aims to commemorate, showcase and bring the story of some of the unique musical heritage of KwaZulu Natal to life.

uMongo Msindo is a multi-fold undertaking that is in equal parts archival and exhibitionary. It works against a globally flattened culture where speed is currency and context amiss. Working within the boundary of KwaZulu-Natal, it considers ‘hyper locality’ as a tool to disrupt the conditions of ‘internationalism’. It invites audiences and custodians of age-old music traditions on a sojourn of music-making and consumption, with a particular focus on the relationship between player and instrument. Both entities conjoin to form a vessel that transmits sound, heritage and frequencies.

The five protagonists of this undertaking are amongst some of the oldest instrument players in the region. They liberate overlooked narratives through six instruments from the comfort of their homes through their personal histories. This installation brings musicians into conversations with their instruments through videos, textiles that function as interactive wall pieces and a QR portal that expands on their work- all presented via a mobile museum structure.