As well as conducting continuous exhibition development, research and education programmes at Luthuli Museum, the Curatorial department is engaged in undertaking several special projects. These are developed and designed with the aim of further propagating the legacy of Chief Albert Luthuli to the local community, South Africa and the world. Current planned projects include an extensive Oral History Project and a Digitisation Project.

Luthuli Museum Oral History Project

The Luthuli Museum Oral History Project (LMOHP) is a project that seeks to redress the imbalances of the past dispensation whereby many heritage institutions, including museums, deliberately pushed many local communities to the periphery. The key focus of this project is to give a ‘voice’ to the local people of Groutville and the surrounding areas. Through conducting an extensive Oral History Project, necessary strides can be made to document the history of Groutville and the many people associated to this area that have been previously unacknowledged and ignored.

Luthuli Museum Digitisation and Digital Preservation Project

The Luthuli Museum digitisation project is part of a holistic collections management programme designed to ensure long term preservation of, and access to, its collections. Since the Luthuli Museum forms part of the wider South African Cultural Heritage, this project will be reviewed and incorporated into a national digitisation project as and when this develops.