The Luthuli Museum supports high quality research and scholarship related to the legacy of Chief Albert Luthuli and the Liberation Movement. It is also committed to telling the stories of  lesser known figures who worked towards achieving freedom in South Africa. As a museum with international standing, Luthuli Museum also contributes towards a growing body of works on museology theory and practice. Over the past years Luthuli Museum has published works that reflect its commitments to these subjects.

I Write My Mind Out - Luthuli Museum & The Fundanami Trust 2011

This anthology of writing developed out of a three day creative writing workshop between the Fundanami Trust and local children from the ilembe district. Hosted at the Luthuli Museum in May 2011, the workshop included children between the ages of 12 and 16 years. I Write My Mind Out is a collection of the poems and stories.

In the shadow of Chief Albert Luthuli - Reflections of Goolam Suleman authored by Loganathan Naidoo 2010

In 2010, the Luthuli Museum published In the shadow of Chief Albert Luthuli-Reflections of Goolam Suleman by Loganathan Naidoo. The book focuses on shared moments and interactions between Stanger resident, Goolam Suleman, and Chief Albert Luthuli. As well as providing fascinating insights into historical events, the book offers glimpses into Luthuli’s daily life. It is a significant contribution to a widening body of scholarship on Luthuli.

Engaging Creative Minds: The Luthuli Museum Luthuli Museum 2009

As part of a commitment to developing museum theory and practice, the Luthuli Museum has also published Engaging Creative Minds: The Luthuli Museum. Developing out of the Fourth Group for Children in African Museums workshop, hosted by the Luthuli Museum and Commonwealth Association of Museums in 2009, Engaging Creative Minds explores how museum educational programmes, community engagements and clubs make culture a real force in sustainable development practice.