To Let the Spirit of Luthuli Speak to All


To conserve, uphold, promote and propagate the life, values, philosophies and legacy of the late Chief Albert Luthuli in the struggle against apartheid oppression respect for human rights as well as life devotion to non-violent resolution to world problems.

Its role is three tiered – local, national and international.

Following the adoption of a Mission Statement, the Museum commits itself to achieving the following key objectives:

  • To collect and assist in the development of knowledge about the Legacy of Albert Luthuli and the Liberation Struggle in South Africa and the continent

  • To advocate non-violent solutions towards world peace, respect for human rights and tolerance amongst communities, nations of the continent and world

  • To conduct research and contribute towards the advancement of knowledge, education and scholarship

  • To utilize technology to enhance the quality of exhibitions, education components as well as outreach and in-reach programs.

  • To create a customer-oriented organization, with clear service lines and a flexible management structure, in line with the relevant regulatory legislations

  • To utilize partnerships towards skills development and employability for surrounding communities through a clearly defined transformation strategy

  • To encourage a culture of learning, enlightenment as well as economic independence amongst the youth


The Luthuli Museum values the following:

  • Conscientious Leadership
  • Human Rights
  • Integrity
  • Equitable Society
  • Freedom and Human Dignity.

Institutional Goals

  • To develop a policy towards furthering the interest of the Albert Luthuli Legacy

  • To produce recommendations to further the interests of museums in South Africa, the Continent and the world.

  • To produce, document and make accessible knowledge about the Legacy of Albert Luthuli and the Liberation Struggle in South Africa and beyond.

  • To empower and engage people and communities in the developing, collecting and distributing the offering.