To conserve, uphold, promote and propagate the life,

values, philosophies and legacy of Chief Albert Luthuli.

(1898 – 1967)



Chief Albert Luthuli became the first African to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent stance in the fight for liberation. He traveled to Oslo, Norway in December 1961 – an epic and ground-breaking event to receive his prize for the year 1960.


Nokukhanya Luthuli

Nokukhanya Luthuli Rated Chess Tournament

The Chief Albert Luthuli Chess Club in collaboration with the Luthuli Museum would like to invite schools to participate in the Nokukhanya Luthuli Commemoration Rated Chess Tournament which will be held at the Luthuli Museum on the 31 August 2019, from 07:30am – 15:30pm.

The year 2019 marks the 23rd anniversary of the death of Mama Nokukhanya Luthuli (1904 – 1996), we want her life to be remembered as it embodied ethical leadership.

Click the read more to download the entry form. Each learner must fill in an entry form. Learners must indicate on the entry form their gender and division which they will be competing in.



The Luthuli Museum supports on-site and travelling exhibitions that honour, explore and inform about the legacy of Chief Albert Luthuli and the Liberation Movement. Our current and upcoming exhibitions include the following:



The Luthuli Museum is a national cultural institution charged with conserving, upholding, promoting and propagating the life, values, philosophies and legacy of the late Chief Albert Luthuli.

Sunday Tribune retraction and apology to Luthuli Museum

Sunday Tribune apologies to Luthuli Museum for the false article.

Click here to view the article published on the 24 February 2019.

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