The Luthuli Museum is divided into four programmes; Governance and Operations, Financial Management, Curatorial and Marketing and Public Relations. All of these work towards propagating the different aspects of the legacy of Chief Albert Luthuli


  • Subprogramme: Governance and Operations

Description: Responsible for governance; management and accountability for overall Museum operations and resources (finance; human resources; facility). The office includes the Director; Executive Administrative Assistant and Personal Assistant.

Purpose: Ensure organization’s financial sustainability and provide strategic leadership of the Museum in the realization of its strategic vision; goals and objectives in line with principles of good governance and professional codes of good practice.

  • Subprogramme: Financial Management

Description: This programme has overall responsibility for the management and administration of the Museum’s finances; procedures; reporting and supply chain management processes. The Finance Officer reports to the Finance Manager, who heads the programme. The Finance Manager reports to the Museum Director.

Purpose: Ensure financial and procurement administrative processes; procedures and reporting deadlines are implemented in compliance with applicable prescripts and legislations

  • Subprogramme: Technical Services (exhibitions and design)

Description: Design development and installation / mounting of exhibitions

Purpose: Provide support services for the design; layout and production of promotional material and exhibitions; and the maintenance of exhibitions and general display material.


  • Subprogramme: Marketing

Description: The programme primary responsibility is to promote and profile the Museum by applying media and marketing principles and techniques.

Purpose: Develop; implement and manage marketing programmes of the Museum with the aim to promote and profile the organization and by so doing create and awareness and increase visitor numbers.

  • Subprogramme: Public Relations

Description: Management of Museum public relations and public programmes

Purpose: Develop and implement community outreach programmes that assist in the promotion of the museum; building a diverse audience and maintaining public relations in conjunction with the Marketing Manager & Education Officer


  • Subprogramme: Curatorial

Description: This main responsibility of this subprogramme is research; documentation; acquisition; management and digitization of collections and is headed by a Museum Curator. The Curator also manages the Research Officer; Site Supervisor and the Education Officer.

Purpose: The purpose of this programme is to ensure that the Museum research and collection activities are managed according to museum standards to ensure the delivery of a museum service. The programme also has oversight responsibility on the general upkeep of the Museum campus and the historic Houses, which is the Museum’s primary permanent exhibit.

  • Subprogramme: Education

Description: Responsibility of this subprogramme is to organize and conduct Museum tours (individuals and groups) learner / student enrichment programmes.

Purpose: To manage and develop innovative and interesting education programmes for learners; visitors and new audiences throughout the year including during school holidays.

  • Subprogramme: Site Maintenance

Description: Responsibility of the subprogramme is the upkeep of the Museum facility.
Purpose: To facilitate the maintenance and operation of the site, including ensuring the safety of the public, staff and assets.

  • Subprogramme: Research and Collections

Description: Responsibility of this subprogramme is research and collections management
Purpose: To undertake systematic research into the history and legacy of Chief Albert Luthuli represented in his lifetime