(Current 2024 exhibition)

The exhibition titled ‘Amasosha ka Luthuli’ intends to revisit the leadership approach of Chief Albert Luthuli during his time as President-General of the African National Congress (ANC).

The exhibition aims to show how Chief Albert Luthuli, as President General of the ANC, introduced the concept of collective leadership, cooperation, and racial solidarity in the struggle for democracy in south Africa. It shows how Chief Albert Luthuli coaxed leaders from different sectors of the society and the masses to form a united force in fighting apartheid.

The exhibition further seeks to show how progressive forces were brought together to intensify the struggle. During Chief Albert Luthuli`s ANC presidency, the country witnessed significant historical moments such as, The Defiance Campaign (1952), Kliptown-Congress of the People (1955), Women`s March in (1956), which gave the struggle the considerable footprint.

The exhibition presents the origins of the congress movement, which preceded the mass democratic movement of the 1980s. It deliberately uses the term, ‘amasosha’ borrowed from English word, ‘soldiers’ to symbolically equate the struggle for democracy to soldiers that were on a mission, under the command of Chief Albert Luthuli their leader.

The exhibition, therefore, is an appreciation of Chief Luthuli`s leadership traits, the symbiotic and multifaceted approach and solidarity to the struggle that eventually dismantled the cruel system of apartheid in 1994. The exhibition forms part of the permeant exhibition showcased at the Luthuli Museum. The creation of the online exhibition was crafted to provide access to the Museum patrons who visit on our virtual platforms. The exhibition is available in English and IsiZulu and can also be found at the Luthuli Museum.