(February- June 2010)

“In Camera” was officially opened at Luthuli Museum by Cedric Nunn on 5 February 2010. Nunn’s photographic exhibition was commissioned by the Apartheid Archive Study Project to give a contemporary view of South Africa 15 years after the birth of the country’s new democracy.

The exhibition aimed to capture the gap that still exists between rich and poor, black and white. It attempts to document the re-engineering that has taken place in this once divided state. The photographs must be seen in the context of South Africa’s exposure to the world economy and on a deeper level it begs the question as to what the change really meant for those at the lower end of the economy and for the wealthy.

The hosting of this kind of exhibition at the Luthuli Museum is an attempt to place this national institution on the map and to reflect the broad principles of Chief Albert Luthuli namely those of democracy and human rights. It is also an endeavour to link the Luthuli Museum to an on-going debate in our society around issues of repression, access to resources and poverty.