Dlala Babe


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hief Luthuli was the first secretary of the South African Football Association. He confesses in his autobiography that he became “a compulsive football fan” and mentions that he was “carried away helplessly by the excitement of a soccer match”. This love for soccer led to his becoming supervisor and secretary of the Adams College Shooting Stars Football Club in the 1920s.

In 1929 he was elected vice-president of the Durban and District African Football Association (DDAFA). He withdrew from soccer administration after he was elected as Chief of Groutville in 1936. However, in 1946 he participated with Rev. Bernard Sigamoney (an Anglican pastor from Johannesburg) in establishing the Natal Inter-Race Soccer Board, which organised competitions between African, Indian and Coloured teams in Natal.

This painting, produced in anticipation of the 2010 world cup, shows a woman kicking a football. She is wearing colourful boots and beaded jewellery.


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